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Ashton Hotel Quality Bath Towels

Hotel Quality Budget White Bath Towels

 Discover the climax of comfort with our 500GSM Ashton Range – a line of towels that brings the luxury of Illustrious hotels into your home. These towels, reminiscent of those found in your favourite hotel chain, are designed to elevate your bathroom experience with unparalleled elegance and a sumptuous feel.

Crafted to meet the standards of high-end commercial use, our Hotel Quality Commercial Towels boast remarkable durability. They effortlessly endure washes at temperatures up to 60 degrees, retaining their quality without losing color or integrity, promising you a lasting indulgence.

Indulge in the exceptional softness of our towels, made with premium Terry loop fabric. Step out of your shower and wrap yourself in their plush embrace, enjoying a towel that dries you quickly and fast-drying itself, ensuring it's always ready when you are. Don't forget to pair them with our non-slip white bath mats for a complete and luxurious bathing experience.

Each towel in our collection is a testament to luxury, being Super Thick, Super Plush, and Super Soft – a must-have in every home for that touch of everyday luxury.hold.


 For some added luxury why not try our  or even our 550GSM Barton Institutional Bath | Towels 650GSM Cheadle Hotel Bath Towels.

For domestic use, you can head over to our everyday luxury Face Cloths, Hand Towels, Bath Towels and Bath Sheets and even Jumbo Bath Sheets to add a touch of colour and luxury to your bathroom.