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Our Response to COVID-19
Our Response to COVID-19

Tea Towels

Buy Kitchen Tea Towels Online.

A common staple product found in most modern kitchens, Tea Towels are probably one of the most versatile of all the kitchen towels, combining style and practicality with ease of use and looks.

For wholesale bulk buying tea towels - Ideal for catering industries such as hotels, restaurants, take aways, cafe's etc.

For cotton tea towels, we've got many different types of weaves covered in our range such as the Dobby Weave Tea Towels | Popcorn Weave Tea Towels | Checkered Tea Towels as well as Decorative Tea Towels and Jumbo Check Tea Towels. Now for domestic household these weave styles may not be of much importance but for those businesses who know their fabric science and understand what it is that makes a tea towel, it's crucial you find your right kitchen companion with these towels.

Going a step further, we've got the tea towel specialities such as the quick dry feature of our Wonderdry Tea Towels and the beautiful embroidered pattern of our Heart Tea Towels that combines superb absorbency with beautiful designs — just because your a professional business doesn't mean you always have to work with yellow dusters in your kitchen!

For the climate warriors we have in our range Microfibre Tea Towels in funky and bright designs including animal print tea towels in Giraffe skin | Cheetah Grey | Cheetah Yellow | Zebra Skin. For a spotty and fun tea towel, we've got the colours in Aqua | Pink | Purple | Red | Brown.

Heavy duty kitchen towels not your thing? Well, then head over to our Kitchen Dishcloths to check out your new kitchen companion who is in simple terms, going to save you huge chucks of time drying and washing the dishes.

Need something to help absorb the excess water from the washed dishes without harming your countertop? Use our double sided and super absorbent Dish Drying Mats and complete the professional look with a classic Commercial Chef Towels and Glass Cloth always at the ready.

Match up with your kitchen decor with the available colours Black | White | Red | Grey | Brown | Purple | Green | Yellow | Orange | Blue or just a Assorted for a mix of colours

 Ideal for use without any chemicals and sprays - use with only water for optimum results.