Kitchen Cleaning Cloths Hearts Blue Tea Towels for General Cleaning

    1. Material: 100% Yarn Cotton Kitchen Terry Tea Towels
    2. Size:  35cm x 55cm ( 14 inch x 22 inch) approx
    3. Style: Blue White Kitchen Terry Tea Towels Sets
    4. Super Absorbent - Ideal for General Kitchen Cleaning Cloths
    5. Design: Imprinted Patterned Hearts Multi-colour Large Check & Stripes
    6. Natural Material for Domestic & Commercial Use
    7. Soft & Fluffy Dishcloths
    8. Multi-Purpose Strong & Durable Towels
    9. Lint Free & Streak Free Wiping
    10. Hemmed Sides
  • The soft cotton used in these Kitchen Terry Tea Towels is highly absorbent and made to trap dirt, grime, and other particles without leaving any lint or streak residue behind or scratching paints, coats, or other surfaces.

    These tea towels are pre-shrunk, and will not shrink anymore in size.

    Provides Chemical Free Cleaning - Performs perfectly dry or damp with just tap water.

  • Do not use these dish towels on high temperature surfaces such as ovens and stoves to avoid damaging or burning holes on the towel. Safe on all hard surfaces. Stay fresh for longer and look new after each wash.

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