Large Microfibre Glass Cleaning Cloth Lint Streak Free Towels Grey White

    1. Material: 100% Superfine Microfiber (80% Polyester & 20% Polyamide)
    2. Size: 51cm x 70cm ( 20 inch x 27.5 inch) approx
    3. High Water-Absorbing Quality
    4. Domestic & Commercial Use
    5. Super Soft and Smooth like Silk Screen Cloths
    6. Multi-Purpose Strong & Durable Towels
    7. Generously large to minimize leaving prints while cleaning
    8. 100% Lint and Scratch free
    9. Practical with hanging loop
    10. Absorbent microfiber perfect for washing, cleaning and polishing
    11. Perfect for glasses, silverwares, cleaning mirrors and more
    12. Absorbing capacity is almost 8 x that of cotton
    13. No Shrinkage after wash
  • This generously large cleaning polishing cloth is crafted from premium quality microfibre polyester fabric appropriately trimmed in a rich and beautiful Gray border. Perfect for glass and silver wares, our polishing cloth guarantees no fingerprints, scratches nor lint's while cleaning your glass.

    These spilt microfiber kitchen towels have incredible absorption properties and its absorbing capacity is almost 8 times that of cotton. thanks to the ultra-fine fibers that enable the cloth to release moisture and dry fast. Perfect for drying dishes or cleaning and polishing surfaces

    No Shrinkage even after multiple washes.

    Provides Chemical Free Cleaning - Performs perfectly dry or damp with just tap water.

  • Wet Slightly before first use to soften the cloth. Machine Washable. Safe on all hard surfaces. Stay fresh for longer and look new after each wash. Suitable for Tumble Dry

    Care Instructions: Machine washable and hand wash for easy care. Do not bleach. Wash with like colours. Microfiber fabric won’t shrink in size even after multiple washes.

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