Microfibre Swimming Travel Towel Quick Dry Micro Travel Towels 60x120cm

    1. Quick Dry Towels: Perfect for the Gym and Pool
    2. Lightweight and Compact: Ideal for Travelling
    3. Nylon and Mesh bag included with Towel
    4. Microfibre: 85% Polyester & 15% Polyamide
    5. Fast Drying Microfibre - 3x faster than cotton
    6. Anti Bacterial and Odour Resistant
  • It’s horrible bundling up a wet towel into a plastic bag only for it to stink later. Or just chucking it in your bag so it can soak the inside! Microfibres are one-fifth the size of a hair so with so many millions of fibres on the towel the surface area is increased so it dries super fast after use: 3 times quicker than a conventional towel.

    Microfibre is a fantastic modern material. It is the best solution for drying yourself while on the go, without the risk of having to carry a soggy towel afterwards, as it dries quickly too. Due to its thin, lightweight nature, the best way to use it is to pat the skin dry, rather than rub it with the towel. Once used, it can be rolled up and put back into its handy travel pouch.

    This antimicrobial microfibre towel has been designed to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and bad smells, so it won’t stink up your bag or luggage even when put away wet. Due to its fast drying material, these towels are the most hygienic solution when you need to re-use them multiple times between washes.

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