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COP26 - Global Climate Summit in Glasgow in 2021

COP26 - Global Climate Summit in Glasgow in 2021

COP26 is known as the 26th Conference of the Parties. It is the conference scheduled by United Nations regarding climatic changes. COP26 was due in November 2020 but due to COVID-19 pandemic hit last year it was postponed and rescheduled in November 2021, hopefully. This time UN climate change summit would be hosted by Glasgow UK and co-hosted by Italy. The conference will start on 1st November 2021 and ends on 12th November 2021.  

Global climate summit 2021-COP26 will be bringing all parties under one roof to accelerate action towards the goals settled in Paris Agreement and UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. City of Glasgow will host the delegation of over 200 countries, NGO’s, businesses, faith groups and many more.  


UNFCCC stands for United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The ultimate objective is to gain stability of greenhouse gas emissions in atmosphere and bring them down to level, that would prevent dangerous interference with the ecosystem. 197 countries signed this agreement.  


Why COP26 is important? 

Glasgow Climate Summit would be attended by the countries who have signed UNFCCC and Paris agreement. The main goal of this summit is to resolve issues regarding cutting cardon dioxide, a gas that causes global warming. Each nation is trying to make plans workable to cut down their carbon emissions to make climate better and safe for humans and animals.  

If these drastic changes are not reduced many communities around the world would be facing destructive draughts, floods, storms, and other harmful effects of climate change.  

Covid-19 Pandemic and carbon emission 

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted badly on human activities. It was a game changer for environment for a short period of time. Due to complete lockdowns in many countries around the globe cuts of travel, factories and many more, which are real greenhouse gas emitters.  

According to different reports, daily cardon dioxide ejection fell by around 17% in early April 2020 as compared to the last years. On average 8.6% CO2 reductions from January to April 2020. The results were amazing in lockdown period but they began to reduce when restrictions start lifting off. 

All nations still must work hard to achieve 7.6% cardon dioxide cuts year by year to finally achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by year 2050. 

What is climate and how it effects UK? 

Weather change is the long-time changes in weather and is commonly used in reference to man-made climate changes. The greenhouse impact is described as the warming of the Earth. If there have been no greenhouse gases the Earth might be a frozen, useless ball in space, however too many gases and the planet warms up inflicting risky climate changes 

Due to human activities including burning fossil fuels and slicing down trees, greenhouse gases have expanded and this results in increased warmth in the atmosphere. The predominant greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide CO2 

In United Kingdom most of the cardon dioxide emissions are originated by individuals is form of energy used in homes, air travel and driving. This will have a negative impact on humans, animals and as well as plants. UK has been declared the world’s top carbon polluter than any other country. Transport sector of UK is the largest greenhouse gas emissions.  

Some of the major effects of climate changes to be faced by Nation would be rise in temperatures, heavy rainfalls in winters and causing floods, extreme weather conditions including heavy floods, draughts, severe snowfalls, heat waves. These all will cause health issues. Wildlife is already under threat of climate changes, many birds and animals getting extinct.  

Role of UK towards climate change 

UK has made resolution to cut down greenhouse gas emissions to almost zero by year 2050. UK is trying to make small changes in their policies to cut down CO2.  

They are working on energy sector, to produce electricity by solar, wind or other means rather than with fossils fuels. Also working on less fuel emission cars or electric cars. The government is also working for construction sectors, to make eco-friendly insulated buildings and houses. Plantation of trees and growth of organic food, by cutting down use of plastic in life, as they do not decompose and are choking hazardous for sea animals.  

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