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Our Response to COVID-19
Our Response to COVID-19
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Did You Know?

51000 (51 Thousand) Trees & 60000 (60 million) Gallons of Water can be saved EVERYDAY if every household in the US uses only 1 less roll of paper towels.
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Shocking Right?

We all got our fair share of shock reading the above stats but again our shock and anger and confusion is NOT going to do anything to help the planet. We need to get onto some action if we're serious about our resolution to help out the planet we live in.

And this is what you can do...

Use 1 LESS paper towel - USE your power as an individual and use paper towel alternatives and just watch. The effect you can have on this planet's future will immense and powerful as the the numbers you read above

We're here to help you!

Our business is built on the philosophy to help people like you make an impact on the planet with their simple life changes - we offer you the choice to use an alternative to Kitchen Paper Towels by giving you the option of Reusable Kitchen Towels in Cotton, Microfibre and Bamboo. We're working closely with our industry experts to continuously bring about new products and ranges that are designed to bring you both an amazing product and also give you the comfort that you're values and opinions are important to us - we'll help you achieve what you want to achieve - A Secure Future For Our Planet
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Our New Collections

We've been hard at work trying to bring about more exciting towel ranges to be used across a wide range of lifestyles for you so, well - here they are!

What do You need to help you in the kitchen?

The aftermaths of a delicious cooking section is always the task of clearing up the kitchen afterwards. So why not add a bit more joy to your chores by adding a handy Microfibre Kitchen Towel to ease it all up for you?!

How about some bath time luxury?

After a tiring day, a hot shower definitely does the trick to delight the senses but without the added luxury of a super soft bath towel, well it's not complete is it!

So choose something special for yourself and you'll be looking forward to next shower time even more!

Movements we're proud of and value...

Paris Climate Agreement of 2016
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Some Collections Worth Checking Out

You prefer a messy, all-around the place shower? Well we've got the perfect gift for you then in the shape of our non-slip backing Bath Mats.

Or how about going a step ahead with your eco-warior resolution and getting hold of some Microfibre Kitchen Towels to aid you in your cleaning without a fuss?

Towelogists Send Their Love!

Just what I needed - Sturdy, good quality and great colours. I've had my mum take my set of face cloths so I'm all set to buy a big bunch for next Christmas!

Amy Whitefield

These are nice and thick with good absorption. I got them to replace some similar cloths (expensive eco brand) that were wearing out and these are better.

Ben Jackson

My first hand experience as how technology is helping new ECo Friendly Products to life. Besides these towels are very absorbent and reasonable large.

Thomas Waldon

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