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Our Response to COVID-19
Our Response to COVID-19

Luxury Face Cloths

Buy Makeup Remover Cotton Face Cloths Online.

Rather than spending a fortune on facial cleansing products to use weekly, isn't it much more economical and practical to spend a around £10 for facial cleansing cloths reusable?

No? Well, maybe this post might persuade you to invest in a bit of luxury : Benefits of Face Towels for a Healthy Skin.

Face Cloths, Face Flannels and Washcloths are all terms that refer to a piece of cloth usually 30x30cm that can be used to clean up your face - ideally used as a washable makeup remover cloth - it's soft, gentle on the skin and leaves your skin feeling smooth, refreshed and clean and the best part - it can be used only with water so no need to use 20 facial products to achieve a clear skin when you can do so with a simple face flannel!

Our range of Face Cloths extends to mainly Cotton Washcloths and extends to Microfibre Face cloths too. Available in 500gsm - 650gsm in a variety of colours to suit and complement your bathroom decor.

For institutional washcloths we've got them in 500gsm institutional washcloths | 550gsm institutional washcloths600gsm institutional washcloths for hotels and institutions that think it necessary to provide their guests and customers with super soft and practical face cloths in white to represent your institutions hygiene factor and professionalism.

Our premium organic face cloths are woven with pure cotton and made with extreme care to make sure that the face cloths your household and institution receive are the best we can provide in terms of absorption quality, softness, luxury and reusable practicality.

ideal for Hotels, Holiday Homes, Gyms, Institutions, Salons and your household if your want to add that touch of colour and luxury to your morning beauty routine

Why not make a complete colour coordinated bathroom towel set for yourself by shopping for Hand Towels | Bath Towels | Bath Sheets | Jumbo Bath Sheets and as an extra Turban Head Towels

All our cotton face washcloths are machine washable.