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Our Response to COVID-19
Our Response to COVID-19

Kitchen Dish Cloths

Buy Kitchen Dishcloths Online.

There's no kitchen complete without a fine set of Kitchen Dish Cloths. Be it in Natural Bamboo, Super Absorbent Cotton or even Superfine Microfibre - it's an absolute necessity for your kitchen so Buy Kitchen Dish Cloths Online.

The main function of a kitchen dish cloth is as the name suggests - to dry up the dishes however, some other common functions can be to wipe up common kitchen spills such as milk, oil, sauces etc. or even helping to wash the dishes - for help in washing the dishes, we have a special Microfibre Scrubber Dish Cloth featuring a scrubber side for those tough stains that won't come off with a gentle tug.

In our new range of Bamboo Waffle Kitchen Towels - previously featuring classic colour bordered edges, we've got new colour additions of Grey Bamboo Dish Cloths and Colour-mix dish cloths.

Ideal for usage without any chemicals - use only with water for optimum results and a healthier, cleaner environment for our planet.

For a classic white cotton dishcloth, we've got a new addition of Blue coloured border as well as our classic red bordered white cotton dishcloths - just to add a bit of colour to your kitchen while retaining the classic and professional aura of the white cotton kitchen towel.

For those who prefer a bit of colour and style to their kitchen rags, we've brought on a new Waffle Weave Cotton Dishcloth which keeps the classic white but with a bit of a modern look and feel - who said drying the dishes was a hard job?!

The tech and efficiency oriented ones will absolutely love the Microfibre Dish Cloths which frankly is our bestseller simply due to its amazing absorbency and just how much time it reduces for you to get a cleaner kitchen. 

Dishcloths not your thing? Well, then head over to our Classic Tea Towels to check out your new kitchen companion who is in simple terms, going to save you huge chucks of time.

Need something to help absorb the excess water from the washed dishes without harming your countertop? Use our double sided and super absorbent Dish Drying Mats and complete the professional look with a classic Commercial Chef Towels and Glass Cloth always at the ready.

Match up with your kitchen decor with the available colours Black | White | Red | Grey | Brown | Purple | Green | Yellow | Orange | Blue or just a Assorted for a mix of colours