Microfibre Kitchen Dish Cloths Absorbent 30x40cm Eco Friendly

    1. Material: Superfine Microfibre Kitchen Dishcloths
    2. Eco Friendly & Air Breathable
    3. Quick Dry Microfibre Kitchen Dish Cloths
    4. Super Absorbent
    5. Extra Large Kitchen Dish Cloths
    6. Suitable for removing oil stains
    7. Soft & Fluffy Microfibre Dishcloths
    8. Multi-Purpose Strong & Durable Towels
    9. Lint free & Streak free wiping
    10. Anti Bacterial
    11. Stain Resistant Microfibre Kitchen Dish Cloths
  •  Ideal for drying and washing dishes with but has other usage models. Can be used to clean dirt stains, Wiping Table, Glass, Furniture etc.

    For hygienic purposes, we insist that you don't use that same towel for washing / drying dishes that you do for wiping other surfaces with.

  • Can be used dry or wet slightly with water for a quick application.
    Known to Remove 99.9% Bacteria without the use of chemicals.
    However, occasionally using chemicals on this wipe Microfibre Kitchen Dish cloths won't cause any harm.

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