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About Us

Towelogy Mission Statement - To Achieve Clean, Go Green

The most crucial problem that my generation i.e the future generations will have to face isn’t going to be terrorism or global financial crisis, or racism or even lack of natural resources.

It’s Going To Be A Climate Crisis

A few decades ago environmental issues weren’t given enough importance as they should have been simply because there was not enough facts and figures however in the current times, a large proportion of the global population realises the importance of going green and lifestyle engineering required thereto.

Towelogy is a teen startup, (inspired by the work of the Teen Social Activist Greta Thunberg), with big dreams of changing the world into a safer place to live in by helping people to reduce their Carbon Footprint by providing reusable and eco-friendly Kitchen Towels. We believe these serve as a practical and reusable alternative to traditional paper towels and hand dryers that are commonly in use in the Kitchen currently.

And since Towels are something that no household is without, we used them as a means to communicate our growing concern and impateince regarding the #ClimateCrises and provide people with the opportunity to go for more eco-friendly and green options such as Microfibre, Bamboo and Cotton Towels.

Our ethos is to bring about a community behaviour change from Kitchen Paper Towels and wipes, to Kitchen Towels in their kitchens for all cleaning purposes and take more practical steps in saving our environment which is being destroyed by harsh chemicals and paper towels that are being recycled.

The wide range of our products are to be used by default as chemical free - just wet them slightly and the results will be similar to that of powerful and chemically harsh detergents now common in household cleaning chores.

We truly value the work of these different environmentally friendly movements such as those listed below. We really believe these movements really are going out there and doing something practical and worthwhile rather those who just want to give long speeches but have no practical solution to offer that can even signal hope of change.

Paris Climate Change conference 2015 iconYoung friends of EarthSave our climate iconFriends of the Earth iconGreen Peace iconYouth Strike 4 Climate icon

UKYCC iconFriday4Future icon



Let’s all put our part in making our environment, our planet a better place to live because it’s high time to change our daily practices to green to save our planet otherwise a great loss has to be faced.

 To Achieve Clean Go Green!!