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Our Response to COVID-19
Our Response to COVID-19

Hand Towel

Buy Reusable Cotton Hand Towels Online.

Drying your hands with your hand towels should be a memorable process - you should feel the softness of the fibres as they brush against your hand - absorbing all the water from your hands.

Woven with pure Egyptian Cotton, these hand towels are super soft to touch with high absorbency level and practical durability to withstand long-term usage without losing it's colour or softness.

They are ring-spun and expertly woven thus, so making them ultra durable.

Hand Towels are a staple must for any bathroom - domestic or professional is definitely not a boundary here - every bathroom has to have a hand towel.

Ideal for Hotels, Holiday Homes, Gyms, Institutions, Salons and your household if your want to add that touch of colour and luxury to your bathroom hygiene.

Why not make a complete colour coordinated bathroom towel set for yourself by shopping for Face Cloths | Bath Towels | Bath Sheets | Jumbo Bath Sheets and as an extra Turban Head Towels

All our cotton hand towels are machine washable.