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Bamboo Cotton Luxury Bath Towels Ribbed Absorbent

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Transform your bathroom into a luxuriously soft oasis with these Bamboo Cotton Luxury Bath Towels.

Plush and comforting, the ribbed bamboo-cotton blend is super absorbent, quick drying, and hypoallergenic, making these towels ideal for the whole family.

Durable and long lasting, you'll enjoy the luxuriously smooth feeling and unbeatable absorbency each time you step out of the shower. Upgrade your bathing routine with these extraordinary towels!

    1. Material: 60% Bamboo 40% Cotton 
    2. Extra Large sizes
    3. Supreme Thick and Plush Commercial Quality Towels
    4. Super Absorbent Plush Quick Dry Towels
    5. Eco Friendly and Sustainable blend of Bamboo and Cotton
    6. Hypoallergenic and Gentle on sensitive skin
    7. Gentle Ribbed design to dry you off quickly
    8. Quick Dry
    9. Luxuriously Smooth and Soft
  • Introducing our Bamboo Cotton Bath Towel Set: a luxurious fusion of eco-consciousness and indulgent comfort.
    Crafted from premium bamboo fibres, these towels redefine opulence in your everyday bathing experience.

    Embrace Sustainability: Elevate your self-care routine with a guilt-free choice. Our towels are made from Bamboo, a highly renewable resource, ensuring you pamper yourself while respecting our planet.

    Unmatched Softness: Wrap yourself in a cocoon of unparalleled softness. The natural fibres of Bamboo and Cotton blend effortlessly to create a plush, velvety touch that caresses your skin.

    Superior Absorbency: Experience the ultimate moisture wicking prowess. These towels effortlessly soak up water, leaving you feeling fresh and dry in seconds.

    Quick Dry marvels: No one wants to wait...right..?
    Our towels dry swiftly, so you can get back to what matter most. No more damp, smelly towels, these beauties are always ready for the next use.

    Sensitive skin? No Problem!
    Our towels are hypoallergenic and gentle, ensuring a soothing experience for even the most delicate skin types.

  • Follow Care Instructions on Care label Machine Washable