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Elford Face Cloths Egyptian Cotton Washcloths with Poms

Colour: White

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    1. Material: 100% Egyptian Cotton
    2. Size: Aprox 30x30cm (12in x 12in)
    3. Reusable Facia cleansing cloths in cotton
    4. Quick Dry with a thick Terry pile for added softness
    5. Durable and NaturalMaterial
    6. Features Pom Pom lace 
    7. Lightweight - ideal for everyday use for your facial routines
    8. Offers a fluffy softness and quick absorbency allows for ultimate comfort
    9. Hypoallergenic and Reusable
    10. No need for Cream - Just wet slightly and use gently on skin
  • Super Soft Egyptian Cotton Hypoallergenic Face Washcloths for everyday use in a lightweight. Comes in a variety of bright as well as pastel shades to suit your bathroom. 

    Features hanging Pom-poms on all the towels- Super soft, Lightweight and reusable Flannel for use by the whole family as it's Hypoallergenic - can be used by people with skin sensitivities and allergies.

    Easy to care for too!

  • Machine Washable 

    Tumble Dry on Low 
    Wash Separately Before First Use to Minimise Lint
    Do not touch high temperature surfaces such as ovens and stoves to avoid damaging or burning holes.



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