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Casandra Luxury Washcloths Cotton 600GSM Quick Dry Face Cloths

Colour: Violet Purple

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Indulge in plush luxury with Casandra's Cotton 600GSM Quick Dry Face Cloths. Slip into a sumptuous oasis of softness with these king-sized washcloths, where quick-drying cotton ensures ultimate comfort and satisfaction! Smoothing you into a stress-free state, these washcloths are good to go within minutes of use. Don't let your busy schedule get in the way of pampering yourself; experience a royal treatment right at home!


    1. Luxurious 100% Extra Long Staple Cotton (Egyptian )
    2. The Longer the Cotton Fibre, the Stronger, Softer & Durable the Fabric
    3. Terry Towels construction - loops on both sides for extra surface area for completely drying off your face.
    4. Perfect for Hotels, Holiday Homes, Gyms as well as your household
    5. Available for bulk buy and wholesale
    6. Soft and Breathable material
    7. Super Absorbent with high water absorption rate
    8. Lighter Weight, Fluffy Softness and Quick Absorbency 600GSM
    9. institutional Face Towels / Washcloths (30x30cm) / (12" x 12" )
    10. Machine Washable at 40*C
    11. Quick Dry Cotton Make up Removing Cloth
  • Our Luxurious Egyptian Cotton cleaning commercial washcloths are made of extra long staple cotton which makes sure the water absorption is much better than the normal towels. It is multi- functional with super clean effects, oil remove and dust elimination, water absorption are some of its functions.

    Towels for hotels usually come in white because it is classic, luxury and also displays honesty as well as hygienic behaviour to guests and customers however for those commercial institutions that want to liven it up a bit with a splash of colour - we've got the range too!

    Can be used as an exfoliating facial towel to clean makeup with a gentle, soft touch -  just wet slightly with warm water

    After use, just rinse it in clear water and hang it, it will get dry quickly in the air. We Recommend you wash this towel after every 3 days of use or maximum once a week for hygienic reasons.

    1. Machine Washable at 40*C 
    2. Wash Deep Dyes Separately
    3. Wash before first use
    4. Wash separately on the first wash
    5. No Bleach, Iron or Tumble
    6. Keep Away from Fire

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