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In an average household, 2 – 4 rolls of Kitchen towels are used each week.

Is this practical?

  • Every day 3,000 tons of trash is created by tissue paper.
  • Every fifth tree slashed is transformed into paper.
  • Every hour around 530 football pitches are chopped down

Don't you feel it's wrong that we are wasting so many of our trees like that?

Wasting the paper towels away as soon as it's 10-sec usage has been completed?

A simple switch from Paper Towels to Bamboo kitchen towels could:

  • Replace up to 10 rolls of paper towels:
  • Save cash, space and you don't need to purchase new ones constantly!
  • Protect the Earth - Reusable
  • The kitchen towels are progressively permeable, steadier and tougher than paper towels.
  • They can be washed multiple times in the machine without being wasted away.

The advantages of switching to Bamboo kitchen towels not only restricted to protecting our Earth but extends also to help you out in your household chores.

 Read the following blog post for a detailed guide of how Bamboo Towels can help in the household: Benefits of Bamboo Towels

It is hugely versatile in its usability - can be used for Washing, Drying, Window Cleaning as well as some basic Auto functions.

*For all surfaces: Glass, porcelain, wood, marble, stone, tempered steel, vinyl, plastic etc.

Our Bamboo Kitchen Towels are multitasking with a strong durability factor. With 2 layers of fabric, it's easy to see why they can be used in heavy duty tasks.

They can be machine washed, rinsed and wringed all the while retaining their original shape and quality - giving you the perfect results every time.

They are totally lint free and scratch free therefore, great for the glassware and windows.

The absorbency power of bamboo towels can not be compared to any other material because it features a super power to absorbs all the spills, to wipe out the stubborn stains, to dry up wet dishes and much more, so the list is endless.

We currently provide 2 styles in our Bamboo Kitchen Towels, a Plain Color Coded Style and Waffle Bamboo Towels

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