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Benefits of Face Towels for a Healthy Skin

Benefits of Face Towels for a Healthy Skin

Benefits Of Face Towels for a Healthy Skin

Many think about towels as a product we use without giving it much idea. For others, however, towels speak to their little components of self-spoiling, comfort, and even extravagance.

In the event that you set foot in a top of the line hotel, you unquestionably discovered Face towels, Bath towels, Hand towels and bath sheets. Today we will concentrate on the face towel since they are (or ought to be) the most as often as possible used kinds of towels in an individual's home.

Towels are a steady piece of our life and they enable us to keep great cleanliness and wellbeing. Also, a few towels can make us feel enveloped by veritable cases of solace; thusly, we have to take great consideration of them. Our face towels are forefront warriors and have a hard time.


A Face Cloth is fundamentally a face towel or otherwise called a washcloth. It is normally a square bit of retentive terry fabric material with differing thickness. A face towel measures somewhat 12 by 12 inches (30x30cm) in general.



Face towels purpose is to ensure you get the best of face care you can get. They need to dry your face and clean it of water, cleanser, characteristic skin oil and face makeup residues and leftovers.

woman cleaning face with face towels | towelogy

You will discover face towels in hotels, spas, and gyms or therapeutic offices. They ought to be increasingly basic in individuals' restrooms also on the grounds that the grime and soil from your other body parts ought to never finish up all over. You need an exceptional thing for face cleanliness and this is the washcloths primary reason.


Face towel must be changed on a regular routine. You should have one for every day of the week so have at least 7 pieces. A messy towel will straightforwardly influence your skin and if your skin is touchy so make certain to use a perfect towel every time.


Towels come in numerous textures and thread counts. You will discover both face towels and other towels in:

  • 100% Natural cotton,
  • Microfibre,
  • 100% Bamboo
  • Bamboo mixes,
  • Egyptian cotton,
  • Turkish cotton
  • Linen etc.

While we are regarding the matter of textures, we need to underscore on the best selections of towels when you need to purchase the towels for your face which means the most skin the most sensitive part of our body which is exposed to sun, dirt, pollutants.

Face towels ought to be:

  • Spongy,
  • Delicate with your face skin,
  • Simple to wash - ideally Machine Washable
  • Strong and Durable to continuous use
  • and soft.

Thinking about these criteria, you should search for the top of the line cotton face towels, with Turkish cotton being a preferred decision as far as quality, non-abrasiveness and warmth go.

In the event that you need your face towel to accompany high criteria, microfibre face towels are additionally a magnificent decision.


After you use a towel once, it gathers the skin particles, soil and oil from your face. You should just use towels one time and after that place them in the clothing. It's normal to need to use a towel more than that, however, even after a shower, your towel gathers a great deal of things that you would prefer not to contact your face.



If you do use a towel more than once, ensure you hang it up so it dries. At the second use, do whatever it takes not to dry your face with it. Use another spotless towel.

Try not to use a towel again in the event that you left it on the floor — it can't dry legitimately and is gathering whatever dirt is on the ground, which makes a perfect ground for the growth of bacteria.

If you have touchy skin, you need to ensure your towels are as spotless as they are just bought from the market. It may even help to clear up some skin issues.

When you lay your head on your pillow it is for sure your face touches the pillowcase. A pillowcase would have bacteria and dirt, whatever you do to clean it. At that point when your skin contacts the pillowcase, it experiences everything on it.

However, you likely would prefer not to need to wash your pillowcases each day. So, what would it be a good idea for you to do?

The Clean Towel Method is a perfect method to shield your skin from bacteria, enable to clear some acne-causing germs which would help in future to clear your skin.

  1. Use a Clean Washed Towel, paying little Importance to how clean you think a used towel looks. If you don’t want to use another towel when your current towel is in the laundry, there is always the option of Disposable Paper Towels which you can recycle after you’ve used it though it does take it's toll on the environment so be watchful of that!      
  2. Use a Separate Towel. You should use a different towel for your face, hair and body. You don't need your face towel to contact your hair or body. In the event that you dry your hair and, pat your face, your towel can get on buildups from conditioners. At that point, the buildup jumps all over.
  3. When using a similar towel, make a point to get dry your face first.
  4. Put a Clean Towel on Your Pillow. To keep bacteria from your pillow jumping all over, lay down with a perfect towel on your pillow. You should switch the towel every night. This can anticipate microscopic organisms jumping all over and can enhance your skin's wellbeing.


You need fluffy and spongy towels since that is best for delicate skin. After a couple of wash cycles, you may see your towels aren't as rich as they were the point at which you bought them. There's one trick to make them new, fluffy and absorbent again so you won't need to stress over disturbing your skin.

clean and fresh face towels for healthy skin

It's a given that you should keep every one of your towels fit as a fiddle – clean, sanitized, dry, and splendidly put away. The cleaning strategies for towels depend more on the texture and less on their size. Be that as it may, a few contemplations are all together:

  • Change and wash your face towels every now and again. Since they are extraordinarily inclined to stains and dirt residues, keeping them clean involves cleanliness and wellbeing, not an impulse. Relying upon their texture, wash them as per the manufacturer’s labels and always remember to use some vinegar to freshen them.
  • Make share you constantly separate your towels from different garments when washing the clothes in a washing machine, you should likewise isolate towels between them when they contrast in texture and dirtiness.
  • Without any doubts air-dry the towels, regardless of their type, and that you store them in perfect, dry cupboards.


Your washcloth material may be unreasonably coarse for your skin. A milder material that is less rough will enhance your skin cleansing daily schedule. Materials you can attempt are muslin, microfibre and bamboo.

It's very important that you must know how to use face cloths from the beginning. Make sure to clean for a moment or two. You don't need to scrub for long because your washcloth is doing a large portion of the work.

Also, washing your face for a really long time can make your skin red and coarse, which could prompt further outbreaks. You don't need to scrub with great pressure— wash delicately, and your washcloth will wrap up.

Subsequent to using your washcloth, you would prefer not to use it again until you wash it. On the off chance that you hang it up to dry in your washroom, it's still in a moderately humid zone which leads to bacteria growth. When you clean dirt and oil off your face, that washcloth currently has conditions for bacteria to develop more rapidly.


If you don’t prefer to toss your washcloth in the washing after every single use, ensure you rinse thoroughly to dispose of any face cleansers residues. Wring it out and dry it however much as could be expected. Hang it up to dry in a dry place as possible.


An incredible thing face towels can do is give decent steam. While cleaning your face, apply your cleanser onto your skin, yet as opposed to rinsing immediately, run your face towel under the hot water you can stand and wring it out however not totally. Lay the hot face towel over your face and let it stay there for some time, steaming your cleanser into your pores. When it begins to chill off, simply wipe away your face cleanser.

3 advantages you would experience are:

  1. Efficient, when you are in a rush a face towel is extraordinary for a perfect cleaning as it will snatch and wick off the dirt from your skin more successfully than your hands and running water.
  2. Splendid skin, since it delicately peels skin, the surface of the fabric when soggy expels dead skin cells from the outside of the skin.
  3. Clearer and smoother skin, since this day to day delicate, gives you unclogged pores, or flaky skin so effectively!

Face Towels for a Healthy Skin - HOW WASHCLOTHS EXFOLIATE SKIN

Most healthy skin schedules incorporate many cleansers and toners. Be that as it may, did you realise that you can exfoliate using cotton, microfibre or even bamboo face towel and that's it? Advantages of exfoliating with a face towel give you a quick response, its always less expensive than spending loads of pounds in salons.

Exfoliating with a face cloth is a generally basic procedure that anybody can do. Follow these easy steps to have a rejuvenated face glow on your skin:

  1.       Use wet face towel either dipped in warm or super-hot water.
  2.       Wring out face cloth to drain excess water.
  3.       Fold the face towel on hand to ensure its flat.
  4.       Place the towel on the head and then apply small pressure down to the full face.
  5.       Move Down to Middle of Your Face. After you've exfoliated your forehead, move to your cheeks. Give careful consideration to the nose where oil develops.
  6.       Gradually moves to the chin, as it’s the origin of oil develops.
  7.       Wash Face to clean up all the extra cleanser.
  8.       Pat dry your face gently with a new and clean towel.


Towelogy has the best face towels and bath towels for your skin. Our towels are soft, fluffy and luxurious and every time gives you a sense of pleasure. Our fae towels plush practical and soft and help with face towels for a healthy skin.



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