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Cotton Towels vs Microfibre Towels vs Bamboo Towels - A Thorough Comparison

Cotton Towels vs Microfibre Towels vs Bamboo Towels - A Thorough Comparison

Bath towels are something that is used in for all intents and purposes each family in the nation for centuries. A quality towel would be one that can dry the hands and body delicately without requiring numerous cleans. Henceforth, the property of absorption is at the top of a decent quality towel.

There is a variety of Bath towels in the market today as the makers attempt to present new items constantly. The assortment of towels in the market is only the distinctive sorts of materials that are utilized to make those towels. Regardless of the wide scope of towels accessible in business sectors everywhere throughout the world, there are as yet not many that are viewed as the best.

Cotton Towels

There are many types of cotton on the planet, and each maker uses different kinds of cotton to make their towels, one kind of bath towel that is praised by the world are bath towels that are comprised of Egyptian cotton. There is a reason behind why the world sets Egyptian bath towels as the benchmark with regards to assessing the nature of washroom towels.

Cotton towels are thicker, plusher and brilliantly delicate; however, they do take more time to dry subsequently. If you choose an upscale Egyptian or Supima cotton qualities, which are made from premium cotton, bringing about better, more grounded yarns, you will get that luxuriously delicate cotton feel. Amazing cotton is likewise known to be a standout amongst the most dependable texture choices. Cotton towels turn out to be much gentler in the wake of washing, particularly after a snappy turn in the dryer. Cotton is both durable and absorbent.

Microfibre Towels

Microfiber towels are comprised of manufactured polymer strands that are a few times better than the human hair. This leads them a special ability to retain and hold water, soil, grime, and so on. When contrasted with a strand of cotton, microfibers are incredibly fine. Most microfiber towels are made of polyester or nylon.

Microfibre towels are commonly slenderer than cotton, yet they splash up an astonishing measure of fluid because of their finely woven construction. They likewise dry rapidly and are less inclined to mould and mildew growth. Having been produced using natural or manufactured materials like cellulose or wood mash, they will, in general, be especially solid.

Bamboo Towels

Bamboo towels, as the name says it, are towels made out of bamboo fibres, giving an eco-friendly option in contrast to the standard cotton towels. Bamboo yarn is gentler than cotton, its dampness wicking properties are high, consequently, it absorbs and dries rapidly, is more manageable than cotton and above all it is renewable. It gives normal delicate quality to the towel with a satiny surface.

The amazing anti-microbial properties of bamboo make it a natural, hygienic choice for washroom conditions. It has a natural sheen of its own and its quality feels like cashmere. Furthermore, when utilized in hot atmospheres it keeps the skin cooler and hotter amid cold temperatures. It is clean and defensive having characteristic UV properties, scent safe and anti-static properties influencing it to outperform cotton towels.

Like cotton towels, bamboo towels are normally made altogether out of bamboo strands. Much the same as cotton, it very well may be mixed with different sorts of material like spandex or polyester, however, the nature of the towel suffers from the mix. This totally relies upon the mix's material, however. Bamboo towels can be joined with cotton to make some exceptionally amazing product for your restroom.



What are the advantages of each kind of towel? What are their negative qualities?

Bamboo towels benefits:

  • High intensity of absorption: Bamboo filaments are extraordinary for removing the dampness from anything. Their water-soaking capacity standout amongst the most engaging things about these towels.
  • Incredible for nature: These towels are in reality very eco-friendly. The characteristics of the bamboo plant enable it to grow very rapidly and making these towels don't hurt nature.
  • Comfort: The towels are quite delicate, particularly when they are made absolutely out of bamboo, with no mixes. This is the thing that genuinely makes them a great decision for household use.

The cons:

  • Checking for quality: Before purchasing a bamboo item, you need to ensure that it will satisfy your benchmarks by wisely choosing a trusted maker. A few people are simply hoping to make a snappy buck and offer low-quality items – the main problem when acquiring bamboo fibre.
  • Hypersensitivity: Bamboo items may discharge certain segments into the air that reason sensitivities to users. These segments are practically difficult to stay away from while producing the towels, it’s an ever-present issue with bamboo.
  • Costly: Bamboo towels have heavy sticker prices than their cotton partners.

Cotton towels benefits:

  • Reasonable: Cotton is one of the least expensive materials which in the meantime figures out how to offer high quality to purchasers. This is the thing that makes it so well-known and the most standard kind of towel out there.
  • Easy dye-able: Simply dying cotton with natural materials enables the towel to change hues without having to alter their composition chemically.
  • Simple to wash: These towels are exceptionally simple to look after clean. All you need is a clothes washer and you're good to go!
  • Dries rapidly: Cotton is one of the best common textures with regards to permitting air through, which permits cotton towels to dry rapidly.


  • Harmed easily: Cotton towels can be harmed more easily than their other partners.
  • Colours and washing: If you're going to wash one of your cotton towels in a clothes washer, you may need to refrain from washing it with your garments. Sometimes colours come out and may affect other products.
  • Measuring issues: Sometimes, when you dry your cotton towels, they may shrink. This issue is, for the most part, is with the cotton dresses and may not harm towels but it must be kept in mind, cotton towels can shrink.

Microfibre towels benefits:

  • Super absorbent: Microfiber bath towels are widely used at pools as a result of their high absorbing quality. At the point when swimmers leave the pool, they clear out their bodies using these.
  • Simple to dry: Microfiber bath towels are commonly favoured by individuals living in colder areas where drying your towel after a shower isn't that simple. Indeed, even at room temperatures, microfiber towels dry a lot quicker when contrasted with cotton towels, therefore, keeping your towel fresh and avoids the building of mildew and moulds.


  • Special wash care: Microfiber shower towel need exceptional consideration while washing. An additional effort is required from your side to keep up such towels. You can wash cotton shower towels with heated water and cleanser in your clothes washer, yet washing these towels is more detailed. You had to follow wash instructions to wash microfibre towels. By following these basic wash directions, you can keep up your microfibre towels for long.

Which Is the Most Comfortable?

A cotton towel is the most comfortable towel for ordinary use at home, however, microfibre towels are good for travelling as are easy to carry and compact. Bamboo towels like cotton are also very comfortable to use.

Which One Looks Better?

Microfibre, bamboo and cotton towels can have energetic hues which are incredible for the home. Looks at are truly in the eyes of a looker

Which Is Easier to Care For?

Both cotton and bamboo towels can be washed using normal washing techniques. Microfibre materials ought not to be machine dried on a high warmth. A low setting is fine – or even better, hang on a clothing line.

Which Is More Durable?

Heavier and thicker cotton towels are not just top notch when you are out of a luxury shower but they are life lasting.

Moreover, they end up gentler, increasingly powerful and less demanding to deal with after some time, which is maybe the greatest advantage of putting resources into one for your home.


Whatever towel material you choose for your bath they must be cared properly to prolong their life.


Comment below which towel material you prefer: Cotton Towels vs Microfibre Towels vs Bamboo Towels 


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jenkins gloria - April 5, 2023

A pool towel is a type of towel that is designed to be used at swimming pools. Pool towels are typically larger than regular towels and made of absorbent materials that can dry quickly.beach towels bulk They are often made from cotton or a cotton blend, which makes them soft and comfortable to use.

Lupe - September 6, 2022

Could you please tell us which one is more eco friendly thank you
Have a wonderful day

Inger Herbst - June 4, 2022

What is your opinion of a towel with 54% bamboo and the remaining % cotton?

Anamit Sen - February 19, 2022

After reading the article, I am as confused as I was as before… because all three seem to be good..AND bad!! I need a clear-cut recommendation: buy this, not that!☹️ I am not interested in knowing about growing conditions, water shortage in certain countries or any other environmental issues..I want to know which is the best and effective way to dry my body without catching a cold…In India, we have gamchas, effectively a piece of cloth that absorbs quickly and dries quickly..but it is not soft on the skin..

Anamit Sen - February 19, 2022

After reading the article, I am as confused as I was as before… because all three seem to be good..AND bad!! I need a clear-cut recommendation: buy this, not that!☹️

Justyna G. - April 1, 2021


What about water usage to grow, to produce yarn. As far as I know growing cotton requires a lot of water and additionally farms are in countries with drinking water problems, people underpaid. What about bamboo?


Laura Brunke - March 14, 2021

You talk about going green, yet you do not explicitly state that microfiber is horrible for the environment & discuss microplastics, etc. I’m confused as to why this is even mentioned as an option! Please educate people who don’t know the harms of microfiber towels.

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