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Professional Chef Towels

Buy Commercial Chef Towels Online

Ideal for businesses such as hotels, cafe, takeaways, restaurant, bars etc.

Whether it's the Heavy Duty Professional Commercial Towels you're after or maybe the Lint Free Glass Cloth - or if you're going for some style you may even want to go for the Kitchen Super Absorbent Waffle Construction Towels.

Super absorbent kitchen chef towels in white to represent your businesses hygiene and professionalism factor with a bit of color and style just to add a bit of color to your daily job chores. 

Can withstand rough usage without any tear or wear in these professional chef towels.

Featuring unique herringbone weave which makes these towels virtually lint-free

It dries quickly, it's nice and thick, easy to use clean and wash and an overall highly recommended product.

Make a complementary set by pairing up with a Kitchen Dishcloth or even a Tea Towel.

Want something more professional quality? Check out our Glass Cloth.

Not too picky about your towel style? Well then let your senses do the choosing with our Multi Purpose Kitchen Towels and Microfibre Decorative Towels.

Featuring Cotton, Microfibre and Bamboo Dishcloths, there's a choice for everyone out there to find something of use at Towelogy.

Match up with your kitchen decor with the available colors Black | White | Red | Grey | Brown | Purple | Green | Yellow | Orange | Blue or just a Assorted for a mix of colors.

Need something to help absorb the excess water from the washed dishes without harming your countertop? 

Ideal to use with just water - no use of harsh chemicals or sprays.

  • Chef-Towels
    from £11.90

    Professional Grade Commercial Herringbone Chef Towels

    3 colors available

    Features Usage Care Material: 100% Organic Cotton Chemical Free Cleaning Heavy Duty Professional Grade Towel Featuring Herringbone Weave in Re...

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    from £11.90