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Cooper XL Microfibre Car Twisted Fibre Auto Detailing Towels 1200gsm

Colour: Grey Green

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Introducing the Cooper XL Microfibre Car Towels, perfect for auto detailing with its twisted fibre design.

Absorbent and gentle on surfaces, these edgeless towels are ideal for a streak-free finish.

Made with premium 1200gsm microfiber, their large size tackles any cleaning task with ease.

    1. Professional Grade High Density 1200GSM Car Detailing Cloth
    2. Ideal for Chemical Free detailing - cleans with just water
    3. Material composition - 80% Polyester & 20% Polyamide
    4. Woven with long twisted loop microfibers - increased contact with water
    5. Absorbs moisture quickly
    6. Super Soft so won't harm car paint and surfaces
    7. Heavy Duty 1200GSM Double Sided Auto Detailing Cloth
    8. Made of highly refined loop woven Edgeless Microfibre
    9. Features: Edgeless as to not leave any smears or streaks behind
    10. Extra Large Size: 60cm x 40cm
    11. Able to absorb 8x the normal Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
    12. Highly effective microfiber captures dust, dirt and debris; safe to use on hard surfaces, paints and clear coats
  • Heavy Duty 1200GSM Auto Detailing Cloths with no borders - edgeless to keep your car smear & streak free.

    Use it without any chemicals - only water for best efficiency and results for both your car and the planet.

    Cooper XL Microfibre car cleaning cloths with 1200gsm power ensures its super water absorbing capacity, softness and strength. which can absorb 8 x more than traditional cleaning microfibre, No streak residue leaving, easily clean the surface. So you can greatly reduce the drying time.

  • Machine Washable 
    Wash separately with cold water before first use
    No Bleach, Tumble Dry or Iron - No Softener
    Quick dry, few minutes after you hang it and with no odour and mildew
    Rinse and Reuse.


Super Absorbent

Acts as a water magnet to dry your car

Quick Dry

Efficient and Convenient for a Quick Job

Sleek Finish

Streak Free and Lint Free Showroom Finish

Ultra Soft

Say Goodbye to Scratches and Marks

Superfine Microfibre

Discover the Magic of Superfine Microfiber that Works Wonders with Water.

Specially developed for absorbing large amounts of water quickly, up to 7 times its own weight.

The high-quality microfiber is 200 times thinner than a human hair! This gives it more abrasive scrubbing power than any other brush or rag.

Get the Showroom Shine

With over 300,000 fibres per square inch, wiping down your vehicle after washing has never been easier.

Our Flawless Microfibre Towels have a real thirst for water – forcing water away from the surface, absorbing it deep inside the piles of the superfine fabric.

Holding it in place until you wring the water away!

Flawless Results Everytime

The super soft and plush thickness of the microfibre towel cushions every wipe, preventing any scratches or marks when detailing your vehicle.

The towel offers the softest touch for sensitive surfaces – any missed dirt or debris is forced deep into the pile of the microfibre away from cleaned surface, for a perfect scratch free finish.

Ideal for Garage & Car Washes

Discover the Perfect Towels for Your Garage and Car Wash Needs.

Specially formulated to cater to the needs of businesses dealing in auto care including Cars, Bikes, Caravans, Trucks etc.

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