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Hybrid Microfibre Car Detailing Towels 600gsm Silk Borders


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Introducing the Hybrid Microfibre Car Detailing Towels - the perfect combination of twisted loop technology for deep cleaning and coral fleece for fast drying. Keep your car looking spotless and shiny without breaking a sweat. Say goodbye to dirt and hello to a polished finish!

    1. Material: Microfibre
    2. Size: 40x40cm
    3. GSM Rating: 600GSM
    4. Feature: Hybrid weave - with stripes of twisted loop and plush coral fleece in one cloth
    5. Designed to pick up dust quickly while removing excess moisture 
    6. Ideal for drying and detailing car interior
    7. Silk borders - leaves streak and lint free results without damaging paintwork
    8. Superb absorbency with quick drying features
  • The Hybrid Microfibre car drying towels have revolutionized the way car enthusiasts and professional detailers care for their vehicles. Among the many options available in the market, Twisted & Coral Fleece Plush 600GSM towels are gaining popularity for their exceptional performance in car polishing, washing, and detailing tasks.

    The unique combination of twisted and coral fleece plush fibres enhances the towel's cleaning and polishing capabilities. Twisted fibres excel at scrubbing away contaminants, while coral fleece plush fibres provide a gentle and smooth surface for detailing.

  • Follow instructions on care label
    Machine Washable

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