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Got Old Towels? 20+ Brilliant Ways to Reuse Them

Got Old Towels? 20+ Brilliant Ways to Reuse Them

24 ways to recycle old towels


We often find ourselves replacing our old towels without a second thought. But hold on! Before you toss those worn-out towels, consider all the amazing ways you could give them a new lease on life.  Let's dive into the many ways you can reuse old towels and reduce waste.

Cleaning Central

Old towels are superheroes in the cleaning department:

  • Rags: Cut up those old towels and you have an instant supply of cleaning rags for every surface in your home, from kitchen counters to the garage workbench.
  • Mop heads: Say goodbye to pricey mop refills! Sew a couple of old towels together to create a washable, DIY mop head.
  • Dishcloths: Old towels are super absorbent, making them perfect for tackling dirty dishes. Cut them to size and hem the edges for durability.

Crafty Creations

Unleash your inner crafter and transform old towels into unique treasures:

  • Bathmats: Create a comfortable and unique bathmat by sewing two or three old towels together. Feeling fancy? Braid strips of towel and shape them into a beautiful rug.
  • Bath slippers: Pamper your feet by wrapping old towels around a pair of flip-flops or sandals for fluffy, spa-like slippers.
  • Ironing board cover: Is your ironing board cover looking a little worse for wear? Revitalize it with a new cover fashioned from a sturdy old towel.
  • Reusable sanitary pads: Ditch disposable options and create eco-friendly, reusable sanitary pads using layered towel fabric.
  • Picnic blanket: Gather a few large towels, stitch them together, and voila! You have a spacious and durable picnic blanket.

Pet Projects

Treat your furry friends while putting old towels to work:

  • Pet toys: Old towels make amazingly tough dog toys. Cut them into strips, braid them tightly, and watch your pup have a blast.
  • Pet bedding: Animal shelters always appreciate donations of old towels. They'll provide soft, comforting bedding for animals in need.

Household Helpers

There's no end to the useful ways old towels can help around the house:

  • Packing materials: Before your next move, wrap breakables in old towels for extra cushioning and protection.
  • Baby bibs: Feeding time can get messy! Cut and stitch simple, absorbent bibs from old towels.
  • Baby wipes: Save money and create a gentle option by cutting towels into squares and moistening them with warm water or homemade wipe solution.
  • Knee pads: Protect your knees while gardening by stuffing folded old towels with batting and securing them with elastic.
  • Draft stoppers: Keep those winter chills at bay! Roll a towel lengthwise, place it along the bottom of a drafty door, and say goodbye to cold drafts.

Superhero Fun and Eco-Style

Let's not forget the fun and eco-friendly possibilities:

  • Capes: A towel is a superhero cape in disguise! Help your little one save the world with this easy and imaginative transformation.
  • Eco-friendly bags: Repurpose old towels into stylish and reusable tote bags that are unique and kind to the planet.

Even More Creative Genius

The ways to upcycle old towels are endless! Here are a few more ideas:

  • Pillow covers: Breathe new life into worn pillows with decorative covers made from sections of old towels.
  • Soap pouches: Make your soap last longer by sewing a small towel pouch to hold it.
  • Hair turban: Dry your hair in style and ease by fashioning a towel into a comfy turban.
  • Terry cloth toys: Get creative and sew whimsical stuffed animals from old towels.
  • DIY duster: Make a washable, reusable duster by attaching towel strips to a wooden dowel.

Old towels are incredibly versatile household items. By thinking creatively, you can keep them out of landfills and extend their usefulness in countless ways.  We've explored over 20 unique ideas in this blog post, but there are surely even more clever applications waiting to be discovered. So next time you're about to discard an old towel, consider the possibilities!

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