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What Face Cloth is for your Skin Type?

What Face Cloth is for your Skin Type?


A nice time required for skincare includes keeping your face clean and washing it altogether at normal spans to prevent dust particles from blocking the pores. Facial skin is among the most sensitive and delicate part of your body, and you should be extra cautious when managing that. Before many of us were not in routine to do skincare, but with the social media vastness the beauty bloggers, beauty influencers have indulged many into a skincare routine, whether its night time routine or a day skin care. According to them a proper skin care is food for a good skin. This is the place where face washcloths come into the frame. These are gentler than those you use to clean up or exfoliate the rest of your body.

A facecloth should now be a fundamental piece of your skincare routine. Ideal for freshen up following a monotonous day, a decent face cloth aids in removing all kinds of cosmetics and causes you to feel fresh and lively once again. Utilizing a washcloth will delicately shed your skin and make it look more clear and brighter. Who would have damn thought once that a simple square piece that has been sticking around the washroom for quite a long time could be so compelling?!

With the rise of cleansing oils, balms, gels, the facial washcloth has gained popularity. From a muslin face fabric to a face washcloth glove, these devices remove makeup easily. And what one needed more, less residue on face when face cloth used.

Best fabric options for face cloths

Face as we know is the most sensitive and delicate part of our body. The fabrics for face cloth must be crafted with fabrics which are soft and gentler on skin and wipes away all dirt and makeup in no time without being harsh on skin.

  • Muslin face cloth
  • Microfibre face cloth
  • Hemp face cloth
  • Cotton face cloths
  • Bamboo face cloths
  • Silk face cloth

These are some of the fabrics commonly used to make great face cloths which are good for different skin types.

Muslin face cloth

Muslin is a delicate, woven, 100% cotton multi-layer material well known for children cloths and blankets, since the texture is so delicate and super absorbent, and it improves and gets softer with use. Primary benefits of muslin face cloths are they gently exfoliate the skin, help in increasing collagen, deep clean and above all decrease inflammation and irritation.

It is suggested for individuals of all ages and skin types, particularly those super sensitive skin, irritated skin, acne prone skin. It can be utilized everyday either morning or night but with light pressure. Good to use with cleansing gels, oils, and balms.


Microfiber face cloth

Microfiber is 1/100thdiameter of human hair strand. These very fine fibers have an amazing ability to absorb and reduce bacteria. Microfiber face cloths are so soft on and gentle on skin. They can totally remove makeup and its residue, gently peel off dead skin, help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce skin break out, whiteheads, and blackheads, limit scars, and clear obstructed pores from dirt and all while not disturbing the pH levels in your skin.

Microfiber cloths are even good for removing waterproof or long-lasting makeup in just one go without being harsh on skin. They can be used with facial cleansers and scrubs. They are great for all skin types. They are good for those skins also which react badly with makeup removers, and skin cleansers. These wonderful face cloths are a good addition for your daily skin care regime.

Hemp face cloths

Hemp fiber is more sturdy, permeable, and eco-friendly. These face cloths gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin. They are good for the most sensitive skin for giving light skin peeling. They are antibacterial by nature. Hemp cloths have soft fleece like texture and glides smoothly over skin, helps in removing makeup, dirt, clogged pores without chaffing the delicate skin layers.

Cotton face cloths

As a natural, eco-friendly alternative, natural cotton face towels give a delicate profound scrub, washing dead skin cells away. Using it every day is a simple yet easy method to keep skin healthy and shining. They are even good to take away the dead flaky skin in one wipe.

These are good for normal, combination, oily and dry skin but not recommended for active acne skin, super sensitive skin, or extra dry skin types.

 Bamboo face cloth

Bamboo being a natural fiber have multiple benefits, as it is super absorbent, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, soft, and much more. Bamboo face cloths were not just design to cleanse but to remove the last bit of cleanser or mask left on your skin. They naturally buff away dead skin and help to loosen impurities, soften, and smoothen skin.

They are good for all skin types but especially good for sensitive skin.

Silk face cloths

Sericin is a keratin rich protein that is generated by silk worms, and is available in all silk filaments. Sericin assists the skin with holding dampness and have many anti-aging benefits including the decrease of fine lines and wrinkles. Silk face cloth is antimicrobial and therefore, behold the development of bacteria and molds.

These face cloths help in removing dead skin cells from face and let you explore you brighter, smoother, soft, and tighter skin.

Benefits of using face cloths

Having a facial wash cloth for your skin care regime is a great idea. The goal is to remove makeup completely and lightly exfoliate the dead skin. These face cloths have different shapes, like a mitt, glove, pad or just a piece of cloth but they all are equally good at removing impurities and guarantee the skin is super clean and prepared for serum and moisturizing lotion. They can work well with all types of face cleansers.

For sensitive skin do not incorporate many skin products just a good facial cloth can make a great difference. These can be used dry as well as wet. You can place a cold water or hot water dampened face cloth for some time to relax and cool down. after all this you get a soft, smooth, clear, bright skin.

Face flannel, face cloth or face wash cloths are the most inexpensive way to care for your skin to be healthy and shiny. It is just one-time investment. Research and go for a good wash cloth and watch your skin transforming. Choose your favorite face cloths and pamper your skin.


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