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Guide to Kitchen Towels - A Handy Kitchen Companion

Guide to Kitchen Towels - A Handy Kitchen Companion



Kitchens are one of the most important and busiest places in home, which is full of countless appliances helping in simplifying task from cooking to washing dishes. Whereas, kitchen towels are a main characteristic, it would not be wrong to say kitchen towels are very helpful. 

Kitchen towels are said to be an important tool in kitchen which helps in cleaning, drying, handling things and endless uses for those which have a significant knowledge about them.  

What are kitchen towels? 

Simply, as the name defines kitchen towels are used in kitchen but they are more than that, they have significant number of uses and are known be the most handy and versatile tool of the kitchen.  

A kitchen towel is plain, generally white, regularly with a stripe, and exceptionally utilitarian. They are retentive and sturdy and ought to be accessible in mass, since you require a perfect one each time you cook. 

Kitchen towels are also known as chef’s towel, tea towel and dish towel. It is utilized for everything from drying your hands and getting hot dish, to covering greens and smashing ice...  

Kitchen towels can expand or supplement the stylistic layout of the kitchen. Be that as it may, that isn't their primary capacity. To keep up a sterile and productive kitchen, a few unique sorts of kitchen towels, suited to various purposes, ought to be accessible. 

Types of kitchen towels 

Chef Towel 

In the event that there is one basic component that each gourmet specialist needs promptly accessible at his or her work place, it is a top-notch kitchen towel.

Do you have to get a hot pot off the stove?

Is it true that you are prepared to haul a plate out of the broiler?

Is that plate too hot to even consider touching?

At that point try to utilize a kitchen towel.

As a bustling proficient organizing different supper, you don't have sufficient energy to search for pot holders and broiler gloves. A universally handy towel is all you require. Chef kitchen towels are usually plain as they are meant for work not for décor and mostly, they are tucked in with the apron or placed aside the working area. 

Each great chef knows the estimation of a fantastic kitchen towel, and dependably has one next to them.

Truth be told, the best chef has a heap of towels available to them, so they can get a new one for a moment, to manage that spill or hot thing prepared to leave the stove and even for cleaning knives and cutting boards in between.  

 Dish Cloths

As its name proposes, numerous individuals additionally use dishcloths for drying dishes — and wiping tomato sauce off a pot or a spill off the counter. You can envision, at that point, that those dishcloths are getting much more than they're intended to, including bacteria. 

A dish cloth must be washed after one or two uses as a dirty towel shifts bacterium on the dishes which may cause problems. 

 Tea Towels 

Tea towels is another kind of towels used in kitchen to be used for serving scones or muffins, may be used for cleaning cutlery or used for décor with tea and breakfast tables.  

 Hand Towels 

Hand towels are other towels used to dry up hands in the kitchen while working. Hand towels are softer on skin. 

Materials used in manufacturing of kitchen towels 

There are many different materials used to make up kitchen towels for various uses in kitchens. The most commonly used materials are; 


Cotton has turned into the favored texture of numerous tea towels of today. Cotton tea towels are unfathomably retentive and cotton which utilizes a terry-material circled weave makes bigger texture circles inside the towels to retain extensive amounts of water while keeping them solid and tough.  


Linen is the other material used in kitchen towels, as they do leave any lint while being utilized. This implies they don't create lighten after consistent use, dry rapidly and ingest dampness right away. The delicate strands in linen imply that fragile kitchenware or fine china can be cleaned without the danger of harm. 

 Terry cloth 

This is an exceptionally spongy cotton material with circles. It is utilized for hand towels, for counter towels or bar wipe towels, additionally called just bar towels, and for dish towels. 


Microfibre towels are made from micro fibres. They are usually used to pick up dirt and food particles from surfaces. They are less durable for cleaning dishes. 

Uses of Kitchen towels   

Cleaning and drying dishes 

The most important use of kitchen towels is to clean the dishes and glassware. Cotton towels are lint free and they are great for drying up dishes after handwash or dishwasher cleaning.  

 Drying vegetables and herbs 

Plain kitchen towels are used to dry some small leafy vegetables and herbs. Simply place the herbs or leafy vegetables on the cloth and roll or either dab them to soak up all the water from them. 

 Drying hands 

Terry kitchen towels are ideal for drying up hands after wash.  

 General clean up 

No doubt, kitchen towels are great to clean up kitchen counters, stoves after all the mess created during preparation of food.  

 Pot holder 

A folded kitchen towel can be quite handy to hold hot pots and taking dishes out from the oven. 

Perfect weight for the kitchen towels 

As we all know, each thing we use has its own weight. Likewise, a kitchen towel also has some weight. The quality of a towel depends on the weight. Each type of towel has its own weight.

The standard unit of weight used to quantify towels is grams per square meter or gsm. The higher the gsm, the denser and progressively permeable the towel will be.

While picking the right gsm for you, think about what the towel will be utilized for and how much of the time – lighter towels will dry snappier, while heavier towels will in general feel more luxurious.  

Towels can fluctuate anyplace between 300 GSM and 900 GSM. The lower the number, the lighter and more quick to dry the towel. For example:  

Lightweight – up to 350gsm  

Lightweight towels have the most minimal grams per square meter – they are slenderer, lighter and commonly not as delicate as towels with a heavier gsm. These towels are ideal for high traffic zones of the home since they rush to wash and dry – you can utilize them in a kitchen or gateway for ordinary undertakings. Most of the kitchen towels are up to 350gsm or even lesser than that, as they are much easier to clean and dries quicker than usual heavy gsm towels. 

Medium weight – 400-600gsm  

Most standard towels are of medium weight. They are similarly as retentive as towels with a higher gsm however aren't as substantial or thick, making them quicker drying, lighter and cooler. Medium weight towels are perfect for hotter atmospheres and big families; the drying speed is not as good as the 350gsm ones and are solid enough to withstand life in a family washroom.  

What not to do with kitchen towels? 

Kitchen towels must be used for kitchen work. As every thing has some do’s and don’ts, kitchen towels also have some don’ts.  

Like do not use same towel to clean up dishes and dry hands as this will transfer germs of hands on clean dishes. Secondly, don’t use kitchen towels to clean or dry up the raw meat, as this contains bacteria which causes smell in the whole kitchen. Don’t use the towel to clean up the dirty sink.  

Care instructions 

Much the same as any towel, kitchen towels still expect washing to evacuate recolors and keep a development of microorganisms. Following acquiring, we suggest drenching your kitchen towels in warm water, this will expel any abundance oil left over from the assembling procedure and initiate the retentiveness. In the event that you have hued tea towel, wash autonomously of different things to maintain a strategic distance from the hues running.  

Maintain a strategic distance from texture conditioner and rather utilize cleanser when washing your tea towel to hold your towels receptiveness for more. Utilizing texture conditioner or cleanser leaves a sleek covering on the towel which progresses toward becoming water-safe and makes your towel less retentive.  

While drying your kitchen towels, maintain a strategic distance from the utilization of a dryer as the more fragile texture which is utilized in tea towels could crumble a lot speedier. Rather, hang your tea towels to dry on a washing line or garments horse. They shouldn't take too long to even consider drying as they are littler and more slender than different towels.  

Kitchen towels can be shown in various ways, either perfectly collapsed over broiler entryway handles or held tight a devoted snare to include a sprinkle of beautifying shading which supplements the general kitchen inside or basically collapsed away and put away flawlessly in a kitchen cabinet in the event that they offer a progressively utilitarian reason. 

What to look in for a good kitchen towel? 

There are many options when buying a kitchen towel. There are some aspects to find a good kitchen towel. 


The size of the kitchen towel is very important. A kitchen towel must be at least so big that it can be folded in for multiple use. The larger the towel the more surface areas to work. 


Cotton kitchen towels are great for drying and cleaning as they are lint free and have higher absorbency. Soaks up all the messes. Always look for the thick, soft and well hemmed towels. 


Thick towels have more absorbency and lasts longer than the thin towels which do not soak up large amount of liquor.  


Every thing has now styles. Kitchen towels also have many styles ranging from plain to checkered, striped, multiple lining and many more to appeal eyes and looks great in your kitchen.  


Kitchen towels used to be plain white in color before but now they are available in many different monochrome colors and in multiple colors also.  

Why to avoid cheap kitchen towels? 

Whenever invest in anything keep in mind just to invest in good things. Thicker, good quality kitchen towels go way long than the usual low-quality kitchen towels do. A good towel is like a good companion which is by your side with you. Quality should always be the priority rather than the quantity. 

Cheaper kitchen towels might be appealing in discounts but they are thinner, made out of low-quality fibres and tend to shed lint, tears out in lesser tie of usage. Cheap kitchen loss their shape much quicker than good and thicker towels, they get more wrinkles.  

Simply, it can be said that a cheap kitchen towel aesthetically deteriorates your kitchen overall look. 

Why to buy our kitchen towels? 

We always give priority to quality, that is why our kitchen towels are durable and long lasting. Their absorbency is much better than other kitchen towels available in the market. 

Our kitchen towels have perfect weight, they are lint free to make sure a clean surface. We have many different colors ranging from a monochrome to multicolor towels, with many patterns such as checkered designs, stripes and more.  

We also offer low prices with great quality.  

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