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Our Response to COVID-19
Our Response to COVID-19


Microfibre Towels

Buy Microfibre Dish Cloths Online.

Super quick dry and absorbent, these Microfibre kitchen towels are super long-lasting kitchen companions that will last you a time. 

Made of superfine polymer strands that are thinner that the human hair, these tiny fibres are able to retain around 8x their own weight in water which leads to excellent absorption.

With this superb absorption quality comes the quick dry feature thus making it an ideal choice for all those who want to reduce the time they spend scrubbing their kitchen countertops clear of water and other liquid spillages. 

Ideal to use with just water - no need to use any sprays or chemicals to achieve optimum performance.

Here's some quick facts about Microfibre as a Microfibre Kitchen Dish Cloth:

  1. Eco Friendly & Air Breathable
  2. Quick Dry 
  3. Ideal for a busy catering environment
  4. Perfect for establishments that want to encourage eco-friendly behaviour amongst their institutional staff and customers
  5. Super Efficient and Absorbent
  6. Extra Large Kitchen Dish Cloths
  7. Suitable for removing oil stains
  8. Soft & Fluffy Microfibre Dishcloths
  9. Multi-Purpose Strong & Durable Towels
  10. Lint free & Streak free wiping
  11. Anti Bacterial
  12. Stain Resistant Microfibre Kitchen Dish Cloths
  13. and many more which we simply can't list here!