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Kitchen Counter Wiping Cloths Super Absorbent and Durable

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    1. Material: 100% Ringspun Organic Cotton Kitchen Towels 5 Pack
    2. Size: 60x40cm (24" x 16")
    3. Professional Grade Durable
    4. Can be used as a Kitchen Dishcloth for wiping / cleaning
    5. Hemmed Sides
    6. Lightweight & Versatile Kitchen Towels 5 Pack Cleaning Cloth
    7. Eco Friendly & Organic Kitchen Towels 5 Pack
  • Ideal for wiping dirty surfaces with but can be used as a dishcloth or a Table Towels. Can be used alone to wipe the surfaces as well as with light detergents

    For hygienic purposes, we insist that you don't use that same Kitchen Towels 5 Pack for washing / drying dishes that you do for wiping other surfaces with.

  • Machine Washable at 40° C. Keep away from Fire. Do Not Bleach. Do Not Iron. Don't use these tea towels on high-temperature surfaces such as ovens and stoves to avoid damaging or burning holes towels. 
Made from natural materials. Free from Harmful Chemicals and synthetic materials. Safe for your family.


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