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Drying Wash Microfibre Cloths Wax Buffing Towel Car Detailing Pure Definition | Towelogy

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    1. Professional Grade High Density 1200GSM Car Detailing Cloth
    2. Ideal for Chemical Free detailing - cleans with just water
    3. Material composition -100% Microfibre
    4. Woven with long twisted loop microfibers - increased contact with water
    5. Absorbs moisture quickly
    6. Super Soft so won't harm car paint and surfaces
    7. Heavy Duty 4200GSM Double Sided Auto Detailing Cloth
    8. Made of highly refined loop woven Microfibre and silk banded edges
    9. Features Silk Banded edges as to not leave any smears or streaks behind
    10. Size: 40cm x 40cm
    11. Able to absorb 8x the normal Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
    12. Highly effective microfiber captures dust, dirt and debris; safe to use on hard surfaces, paints and clear coats
    13. Pack of 2


  • Great towels for polishing and buffing exteriors.Quick drying & lint free cloth for a powerful cleaning of windows auto, motorcycles, vans, trucks, appliances to worktops, garages, offices, and they will bring you superior cleaning experience.


  • Dirt removal , no more lint ,scratch behind. Perfect cleaning of car without scratching your body pain.Perfect for cleaning, washing, drying, polishing, detailing, waxing & valeting.Ideal car washing cleaning drying with this Lightweight, super absorbent and quickly drying towel.Multipurpose car cleaning towel use as washing towels, car drying towel, auto polishing buffing towels, waxing towels, finishing towels.


  • Non washable & reusable. Use mild detergent for cleaning. Use cold water for washing cloth.Do not heat the microfibre cloth,No bleach softener & chemical use.