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Hair Turban Towels Quick Dry Microfibre Twist Wrap Turbie Towel


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    1. Material: 320GSM Super-fine Microfibre 
    2. Features a Wrap and Loop with 2 buttons for all Head shapes
    3. Can be used for short hair but Ideal for Long Hair
    4. Cuts down on your hair drying time by 50%
    5. Suitable for all Hair types including Frizzy and Curly Hair
    6. Moisture wicking Microfibre abosrbs excess water quickly
    7. Improves Hair Health - Anti Frizz and Breakage
    8. Ultra Lightweight so no strain or weight on your neck
    9. Durable and Machine Washable
    10. More Body and Vibrant Hair Colour
    11. Hair becomes healtheir overtime so cut down on your hair health products
    12. One Size fits most Approx. 27cm x 71cm
  • It's a well known fact. Wet Hair = Weak Hair. Our Hair Turban towels are made with super-fine Microfibre which is known for it's quick drying and moisture wicking properties to leave your hair feeling soft and dry without any breakage or frizz.

    Unlike traditional Hair Drying Towels, these towels are engineered to be super lightweight with excellent absorbency and softness to give you the optimum results with regular use.

    Repeated and Regular use of these towels imprves Hair Health overtime to make your hair stronger, vibrant and full of body and bounce - Without any hair produts!

  • Machine Washable 



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