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Microfibre Bird Mess Remover Scrubber Cloth Net Backing Orange Grey

Net Colour

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    1. Material: 100% Microfibre
    2. Microfiber Bird Mess Remover with Poly Scour Scrubbing Net Backing.
    3. With Scrubber Side Mesh Backing in Orange
    4. Ideal for getting rid of Bird Mess on your surface
    5. Chemical Free Cleaning
    6. Absorbs 8x its own weight
    7. Quick Dry & Reusable
    8. Super Absorbent
    9. Suitable for all types of surfaces including paintwork
    10. Lint free Scratch Free & Streak free wiping
    11. Anti Bacterial Treatment
    12. Quick to Remove Stains
  • Usage Instructions: Soak the microfibre bird mess remover cloth in warm water and place over the mess area for 2 minutes if the mess has dried. When it has softened, use the towel side to wipe away the mess and wash with water.

    If there's any stubborn parts of the mess left, use the scrubber side to softly scrub it away all the while keep soaking it with hot water.

    No Streaks and Lint Free! Clean Dirt without any need of harmful chemicals

    These microfiber dust cloths are lightweight, super absorbent and dry quickly; easy cleaning and durable.

  • Machine washable, wash with cold water separately before first use. Do not bleach or tumble or iron, no softer.



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