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Cheadle Bath Towels

Hotel Quality White Bath Towels

Bring the luxury of your favorite hotel right into your bathroom with our 650GSM Cheadle Range towels. These towels are not just soft – they're like a warm hug after your shower. Plus, they dry quickly, so there is no waiting around for them to be ready for use again.

Our Hotel Quality Commercial Towels are tough. They can handle washes up to 60 degrees and still look as good as new, making them perfect for busy homes. We also have non-slip white bath mats to match so that you can have a complete set.

Super thick, super plush, and super soft – that's what makes our Bath Range Collection a must-have in every home. They're perfect for places like hotels, clinics, schools, spas, and salons. Our towels are bright white, showing off how clean and professional your place is, wash after wash.

 For budget conscious luxury give our  Ashton Bath Towels or for a combination of budget conscious and luxuriously soft feel, our  Barton Hotel Quality Bath Towels are an absolute must.

For domestic use, you can head over to our everyday luxury Face Cloths, Hand Towels, Bath Towels and Bath Sheets and even Jumbo Bath Sheets to add a touch of colour and luxury to your bathroom.