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Bartons Bath Towels

Institutional White Bath Towels

Experience unparalleled quality with our Institutional Bath Towels, a benchmark in hotel-grade excellence. These towels epitomize ultra-absorbency, softness, and plushness, all while maintaining their brilliant white even after enduring washes at 60°C. Their durability is unmatched, a testament to the meticulous crafting from the finest ring-spun cotton. This unique cotton blend intertwines long and short-staple fibres, creating a yarn that's not only smoother but also significantly stronger and longer-lasting.


Each towel in our Bath Range Collection is a fusion of luxury and functionality, tailored for commercial and professional settings, including hospitality, clinics, and more. Their Super Thick, Super Plush, and Super Soft nature makes them indispensable for any high-demand environment.


Our Hotel Quality Commercial Towels boast an extreme resistance to wear and tear, easily handling up to 60-degree washes without a hint of damage. This durability is coupled with an elegant aesthetic – our non-slip white bath mats complement the towels perfectly, ensuring safety and style.


Specially curated for institutions like hotels, clinics, schools, spas, hairdressers, and salons, our commercial bath towels are a pristine white, symbolizing the professionalism and cleanliness of your establishment. They emerge from every wash, looking as fresh and inviting as ever.

 For budget conscious luxury give our Ashton Bath Towels or for premium our Cheadle Hotel Bath Towels are an absolute must.

For domestic use, you can head over to our everyday luxury Face Cloths, Hand Towels, Bath Towels and Bath Sheets and even Jumbo Bath Sheets to add a touch of colour and luxury to your bathroom.