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Our Response to COVID-19
Our Response to COVID-19

Glass Cloth

Buy glass gleaming and polishing cloths online.

Ideal for the rigours of the hotels, bars, restaurants, pubs industry - our Microfibre glass cloths are perfect for keeping your glassware clear of any residue, lint or streaks.Processed with a special smooth knit with extra split fibres to prevent any surface damage as you clean.

Commercial Quality Glass Polishing Cloths are made for regular use in the demanding  catering industry so can withstand rough usage without damaging the cloth

With a higher absorption rate than traditional microfibre glass cloths they are perfect for cleaning all your glassware and porcelain cutlery.

It dries quickly, it's nice and thick, easy to use clean and wash and an overall highly recommended product.

Make a complementary set by pairing up with a Kitchen Dishcloth or even a Tea Towel.

Want something more professional quality? Check out our Professional Chef Towels

Not too picky about your towel style? Well then let your senses do the choosing with our Multi Purpose Kitchen Towels and Microfibre Decorative Towels.

Featuring Cotton, Microfibre and Bamboo Dishcloths, there's a choice for everyone out there to find something of use at Towelogy.

Match up with your kitchen decor with the available colours Black | White | Red | Grey | Brown | Purple | Green | Yellow | Orange | Blue or just a Assorted for a mix of colours

Need something to help absorb the excess water from the washed dishes without harming your countertop? Use our double sided and super absorbent Dish Drying Mats

Ideal to use with just water - no use of harsh chemicals or sprays.