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How Often Should You Replace Your Airbnb Linens And Towels

How Often Should You Replace Your Airbnb Linens And Towels

If you own an Airbnb or other vacation rental home, you must keep it in peak condition to wow visitors and garner excellent ratings. Knowing when to replace your linens and towels is crucial if you want to leave a good impression on your visitors. Visitors place a high value on cleanliness, comfort, and look.

Owning a fantastic rental property requires having a good eye for detail and knowing when to replace towels, linens, and other items. By taking good care of them, you can keep your visitors returning for more while also gaining new ones.

The Value of Replacing Linens and Towels

Customers give cleanliness and comfort a lot of consideration, and such aspects may be among the leading causes of a bad rating. It's understandable why visitors frequently have high expectations for your bathroom and bedroom. No one likes to feel uneasy in their sleeping quarters or shower, which are where guests will prepare for and rest from their days.

When staying at your Airbnb property, visitors will have particular standards for the towels and linens, including cleanliness and quality. A fantastic approach to impress your guests with cleanliness and comfort has new, clean, high-quality towels and sheets. This will also help you get some outstanding evaluations.

Even throughout their stay, visitors will take note of the condition of your carpeting and other furnishings. By replacing these items frequently, you can ensure your Airbnb is in the best condition and appears just like the pictures, impressing guests.

How frequently do you replace linens for your Airbnb?

Various guests may use your linens regularly depending on how busy your Airbnb is, and you may need to replace them more or less frequently. After each use and visitor has departed, you will need to clean, wash, and dry them, which causes a lot of wear over time. Before you realize it, your bedding and sheets could begin to appear shabby, which won't make a good first impression on your visitors.

Replace your linens regularly to satisfy your guests and get five-star ratings. Let's look at some of the best advice for updating your bedding and linens for your Airbnb.

  • Comforters and Pillows

To make an impression on your guests, ensure your pillows and pillowcases are soft and cosy. The bedroom is one of the first spaces a visitor will visit to unpack. An excellent first impression can be made, and a restful night's sleep can be had by using crisp pillowcases of high quality. To keep bedding looking perfect, replace them around once a year.

During their stay, your visitors feel cosy thanks to the gorgeous, fluffy pillows. Although you may still wash and clean your pillows, maintaining their cleanliness with time may become more complex. To guarantee that your visitors have a quiet, comfortable place to sleep each night, it's a good idea to replace them every six months. Frequently examine the fluffiness of your pillows as well. If they start to feel a bit flat, it might be time to get some more.

  • Sheets

Clean, sturdy bed linens are needed to make visitors feel at home in your Airbnb, as any owner would know. When visiting your residence, visitors will anticipate finding immaculate linens that have just been cleaned. To ensure your guests have a good night's sleep and write a positive review in the morning, you should be aware of when to replace your bed sheets.

How active your Airbnb is will determine when you need to replace your sheets. Replace linens every six months if you frequently receive weekly reservations or have a high occupancy rate all year round. Changing your bedding at least once a year is recommended if you don't get a lot of visitors.

Make sure to regularly inspect your linens for any stains, rips, or signs of wear and tear. If any of these things happen, be sure to replace them as soon as possible to ensure your visitors have a good time.

  • Blankets

Airbnb visitors adore cuddly, fluffy, and spotless blankets and comforters. After a hard day, having a clean, comfortable bed to collapse into can make all the difference in how happy and delighted your guests are with their stay at your Airbnb. You can assist your guests to feel relaxed and impressed by your level of comfort and cleanliness by ensuring you have the nicest comforters and duvets available.

Because they are sturdy, blankets, comforters, and duvets frequently endure long before needing to be changed. Keep an eye out for stains or other signs of wear and tear on your blankets. If you notice any of these, replace them as quickly as possible. We advise replacing blankets every five years if they're still in good shape. Ensure you wash them after each visit to ensure they are presentably clean and fresh for each new stay.

When To Change the Towels in Your Airbnb?

How frequently you change towels matters a lot regarding your Airbnb. Knowing when to throw out those worn-out towels will help you get better evaluations and happier customers. Let's examine how frequently you should change various towel types in your Airbnb or rental property.

  • Bath towels

For visitors who stay over, bath towels are required. Many visitors have learned to expect bath towels during their stay because they are essential to making your Airbnb seem cosy and homey. Your bath towels should, above all else, look, feel, and smell clean, be fluffy and soft, and be absorbent if you want to please visitors.

You will need to wash and replace them more frequently because we use bath towels to dry off every part of ourselves. If you don't thoroughly clean your towels, they could develop mould or mildew and begin to smell musty, which is unsuitable for visitors. You'll need to replace them frequently to keep them soft and fluffy.

Try to replace the towels in your Airbnb bathrooms every three to six months. Additionally, you should be aware that white towels may lose their appearance slightly quicker than other colours, so you might want to replace them more frequently. Regular bath towel replacements may maintain your Airbnb in top shape and ensure your visitors are happy and at ease.

  • Hand towels

More than just a bathroom need, hand towels are a requirement for your Airbnb. Your visitors can use them to wipe down tables or counters, clean their faces after a hard day, or clean a child's face. They can be used for much more than just drying hands. Therefore it's crucial to refresh them frequently to give your visitors the

Having top-notch hand towels makes your visitors feel comfortable and clean after using one. Because hand towels are much smaller than bath towels, they may wear out more quickly and require replacement more frequently. To ensure you always have extra hand towels available in case you ever need a few extras, it's a good idea to stock up and purchase hand towels in bulk.

When you buy bath towels, getting new hand towels is also a good idea. It's recommended to replace them every three to six months. You can even get matching or complementing sets by repurchasing hand and bath towels simultaneously to further wow your visitors.

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