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Multicolour Cleaning Microfibre Starter Pack of 4| Towelogy

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Introducing our Multicolour Cleaning Microfibre Starter Kit of 4, the ultimate solution to all your cleaning needs! This kit includes four vibrant and durable microfibre cloths that will revolutionize cleaning. Each fabric is designed to quickly capture dirt, dust, and grime, leaving every surface sparkling clean. The multicolor option ensures you can designate a specific cloth for different areas of your home or office, making it easy to avoid cross-contamination and achieve maximum hygiene.

The ultra-soft texture of these cloths makes them safe for use on delicate surfaces such as glass, stainless steel, and electronic screens without leaving any streaks or scratches. With their high absorbency rate, these clothes are perfect for tackling spills in the kitchen or quickly wiping down bathroom fixtures. Plus, they're completely machine washable, allowing for multiple uses and long-lasting durability.