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Renault Microfibre Car Interior Cleaning Cloths Waffle Weave


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Effortlessly keep your car's interior spotless with our Renault Microfibre Car Interior Cleaning Cloths. The waffle weave design effectively absorbs dirt and debris, making cleaning a breeze.

Perfect for maintaining a pristine and polished look for your vehicle.

    1. Microfibre Interior Car Cloths in waffle weave texture
    2. Microfibre cloths deeply pick up dirt, dust, and grime more effectively than traditional cleaning materials.
    3. Extra large 60x40cm 
    4. Microfibre cloths Lint free and streak free fine fibres, leave no lint or streaks behind on surfaces.
    5. Reusable, use multiple times before needing to be washed, more environmentally friendly than disposable cleaning materials.
    6. Can be used for cleaning surfaces such as glass, mirrors, stainless steel, car exteriors, and more.
    7. Cleaning towels used both as wet or dry, drying, washing, dusting or damp cleaning, suitable for various cleaning tasks.
  •  Super Absorbent, these professional Renault Microfibre Interior Car Cleaning Cloths are an absolute delight to clean your car with. They're a heavy powered with superb absorption power without taking 3 hours to dry out!

    Ideal for usage without any chemicals - they work magic with even just water to get rid of any scuffs or stains on your paintwork without damaging it.

    With it's Edgeless technology, they have no borders that could leave any marks on your paintwork - they're complete border-free and therefore produce smear-free results for your car.

  • Wash them regularly in a washing machine with a mild detergent.
    Avoid fabric softeners, bleach or whiteners as both damage fibres
    Avoid high heat when drying, air-drying or low heat tumble dry is suggested