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Microfibre Face Cloths Make UP Remover Cleansing Washcloths

Set of

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    1. Microfibre - 88% Polyester, 12% Polyamide
    2. Highly Absorbent Quick Dry & Antibacterial Fingertip Towels
    3. Dries 3x faster than standard cotton towels
    4. Ecofriendly, Organic & Machine washable.
    5. Made of high water absorbent microfiber fabric
    6. Moisture absorption of up to 7 times its own weight
    7. Strong and silky smooth against the skin
    8. Lint and Streak free
    9. Tight-weave microfibre material that absorbs up to 8x more water than a regular towel
    10. Ideal for use with warm water to get rid of impurities and dirt on skin layer
  • Our Microfibre cleaning washcloths are made of thick and hairy fabric which makes sure the water absorption is much better than the normal towels. It is multi- functional with super clean effects, oil remove and dust elimination, water absorption are some of its functions.

    Can be used as an exfoliating facial towel to clean makeup with a gentle, soft touch -  hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. It can be used as a hand towel to dry the wet hands, hang it in the kitchen and bathroom, you will find it practical and convenient.

    After use, just rinse it in clear water and hang it, it will get dry quickly in air and will not get mouldy as other towels will do!

    1. Machine Washable
    2. Wash with cold water before first use
    3. Do not bleach or tumble or iron, no softer.